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Zapote blanco

Garden 04/09/08,04/18/08

General Information

Common Name(s): white sapote
Family Name: Rutaceae
Genus: Casimiroa
Species: edulis
Indigenous Name: Tondoko lingo
Garden 04/09/08,04/18/08 Garden 04/09/08,04/18/08

Supporting Documents

Zapote Blanco Sign
Zapote Blanco Sign II

Botanical Description(s)

Plant Uses

Medicinal Uses

>Medicinal Purpose: >
>Part Used: >
>Preparation: >
>Administration: >
>Explanation: >
>Related Plant Lore: >The leaves of the zapote blanco have been used for centuries as a sedative, and Mexican Americans use it to lower blood pressure. Recent animal studies conducted at the National University of Mexico have supported the possible effectiveness of the plant for both these purposes. The seeds are said to have hypnotic properites. Used to treat insomnia, nervous disorders, high blood pressure, and empacho.
>Bibliographic Source: >Davidow, Joie - Infusions of Healing
Publication: Simon & Schuster, 1999

>Medicinal Purpose: > Treats high blood pressure associated with diabetes
>Part Used: > Leaves
>Preparation: >Boil 5-6 leaves in one liter of water for 10-12 minutes
>Administration: >Tea
>Explanation: >Drink at room temperature
>Related Plant Lore: >
>Ethnographic Details and Source: >Camacena, Erasto - 20-FEB-07

>Medicinal Purpose: > Detoxification
>Part Used: > Leaves (still attatched to the stems)
>Preparation: >Bundle a handful of sprigs and tie together at the base.
>Administration: >Use in conjunction with the sweat bath ("yuku nii"). Once the person starts to sweat, they begin to smudge their body with the leaves in a brushing motion. This is done over the entire body.
>Explanation: >Once the body heats up, the capillaries dialate, forcing blood to the surface of the skin. The blood is carrying toxins and negitive emotions. The sweeping motion of the leaves works as a suction to help bring the toxins out of the skin.
>Related Plant Lore: >In addition to zapote blanca, Mixtecos also use tronadora in the same fashion.
>Ethnographic Details and Source: >Bade, Bonnie - 31-MAR-11
Utilitarian Uses
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Food Uses
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Cultural Uses
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